Tips for Tenants

1.       It’s a good idea to make a short list of preferred areas that will suit your requirements, including schools, shops, transport and lifestyle.

2.       Establish a budget that you are comfortable with and can afford to pay.

3.       Research rentals in your preferred areas using the internet and press advertisements to gain a better idea of rental values and what is available in your areas of choice.

4.       When you find a property that suits your needs and you are ready to make an application to lease, you will be required to complete an application using our preferred tenancy application  Manual applications are available at our office.

5.       Your application will be processed using a series of tenancy checks and then presented to the owner for approval along with any others that have been received. You will be notified within 24 – 48 hours as to whether or not your application has been successful.

6.       If your application is successful, we will arrange a time with you to sign a lease and to go through the lease step by step, so that you understand all the clauses within the contract before you sign. Once all parties have signed and dated the lease, a copy will be given to you.

7.       You are also required to pay the following amounts when signing the lease and sign a Bond Lodgement Form –
– Two weeks rent in advance
– The equivalent of four weeks rent for the security bond, which is held by Rental Tenancies Authority in case of any damage made to the property during the tenancy. If, when you leave the property, you have met all the requirements requested in the lease agreement, and it is in the same condition as when you moved in, minus wear and tear, this bond is fully refundable.

8.       Make sure you update your contents insurance and notify all the relevant authorities as to your change of address. Also organise your electricity, telephone, gas, internet and removalists. Please note: we have a ‘free utility connection service’ and can arrange all this for you. We will ask you if you require this service when signing your lease.

9.       If at the expiry of your lease agreement, you do not wish to renew, after giving the required notice to vacate your tenancy will come to an end, where you must vacate the premises and return the keys to your Property Manager on the required day. You will be charged rent until your keys are returned to our office, so please ensure that keys are returned on time. Your property manager will then conduct a final bond inspection. If no faults/ cleaning is applicable, you will be required to sign a bond disposal form to withdraw your bond to be returned/refunded to you. * A forwarding address is required when returning the keys at the end of the lease.