Tenants Guide To Renting

Applying For a Rental Property

What is the process in securing one of our rental properties?

To start, you need to fill out an application form. A Graham Lynham Real Estate tenancy application form can be downloaded from our website and you can fill it in and have it ready to complete and submit at the property inspection. Alternatively one of our property managers will bring some to the inspection or they can be collected from our office.

When you come to apply it is important to also have all the required supporting documents handy. It’s highly recommended that you have a copy of some of the documents listed below so that you can verify your identity by meeting your requirement for 100 points minimum including one form of Photo ID. We will also need your payslips/work contracts etc to confirm your income.

  • Drivers License or Passport (Photo ID) = 25 Points
  • Proof of age card = 25 Points
  • Student ID = 25 Points
  • Bank statement = 25 Points
  • Utilities statement = 25 Points
  • Mobile phone statement = 20 Points
  • Medicare card = 20 Points
  • Concession / Pension card = 15 Points
  • Current payslip (proof of income) = 10 Points

We will check your references and verify the information you have provided. We endeavour to process all applications within 24hours. We make recommendations to the owner regarding your application but the landlord will make the final decision.

During your Tenancy “Sign Up” we will go through the following with you:

  • Tenancy agreement – the specific details of your tenancy with us.
  • Payment of rent – how to pay your rent.
  • Zero tolerance late rent policy – rent must always be paid on time and we will explain our policy for rent payments.
  • Bond lodgement – you will sign the lodgement form that will accompany the lodgement of your Bond to the RTA.
  • Property Condition Report – we will explain the importance of this report, how you will need to sign off on the report and how you can request amendments or add information to this report.
  • Repairs and emergency repair procedures.
  • RTA Handbook will be issued to you.
  • Monies receipted – we will issue you with a receipt for your payment of any rent/bond, (unless we have previously given you a receipt.)

Please note: connection of gas, electricity and telephone are the responsibility of the tenant.

Routine inspections

We will conduct a routine inspection of the property every four months. The main purpose is to reassure the owner that you are maintaining the property and also to check for any repairs that may need doing – in which case we will make a recommendation to the owner that they be done. Occasionally an owner will attend the routine inspection at their discretion accompanied by a handyman with an electrician trade school degree and certification to ensure that the appliances and everything is working correctly and won’t represent a threat to the property in terms of damage or a fire hazard.

To document our inspection we will take photos of the property and any repairs required.  Please Refer to the Forms & Legals section for our Routine inspection guide.

Drive by Inspections

It is important to note that at Graham Lynham Real Estate we do regular “Drive by inspections” to make sure lawns and gardens are maintained as per your General Tenancy Agreement.

Pet Policy

Unless a pet is specifically noted on your tenancy agreement, you must get permission before you get one. Some landlords allow pets, some don’t. Please understand that should you keep a pet at the property without written approval we will issue you with a Notice to Remedy Breach (Form 11).

If a pet is kept at the property we will require you to conduct a pest spray on the property when you vacate.

Lost Keys

Keys may be available from our office, please check with our office. If you have misplaced your keys after hours, you may call a locksmith to assist you back into the property – this is at your cost.

Vacate inspection

Rent will be charged until the day the keys are returned. Please allow 3 business days for a final inspection to be carried out.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

For further information on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant please go to the RTA website. https://www.rta.qld.gov.au/ or view the tenant handbook in the Forms and Legals section.


Legals section.