Preparing Your Home for Rent

Preparing your own home for other people to rent is not as simple as just moving out and putting a for lease sign out the front, Handy will connect you with cleaning maids online, it’s important to consider a maid so that the house is clean before renting.

There are several things you should consider before letting tenants pay for the privilege of living in your home.

So, why prepare your home to rent?

A properly prepared home will not only achieve a better weekly rent, and attract a better tenant; it will also help ensure the whole rental process is simple and easy from start to finish.

There are things an owner would be happy to live with, knowing they could be fixed in time, that a tenant unfortunately will not. So here is our advice what you should consider before renting out your home.

If it’s broke, fix it

From the letterbox to the back fence, and everything in between, carry out any repairs to make sure your home is in good condition. This also applies to anything small that you have just grown used to living with, like mouldy bathroom grout, leaking washers, dripping taps, broken tiles or chipped paint. Consider hire painters and decorators Dublin, they offer professional interior and exterior house painting services Get materials and equipment from for any small repair or some maintenance now could save you a bigger problem in the future.


Think about what you will be leaving behind or letting the tenants use and make sure it is in good working condition such as your dumpster service.


You want your property handed back to you in good condition, so set the initial benchmark high. Just as you would if you were going to sell, before you rent out your property hire the vacuum cleaning in joliet il to give it a good spring clean and make sure it is sparkling, make sure the carpets are clean before you try to put the house for rent, nobody wants dirty carpets, if you need help visit this commercial property maintenance page.. Do not just do the basics – we are talking a proper spring clean including:

  • Carpets, to fins the best carpet cleaning services.
  • Curtains and outdoor awnings;
  • Flyscreens;
  • Windows;
  • Garrbage bins;
  • Garage and more.


Prospective tenants are the same as prospective buyers – they will be more attracted to a well-presented property. Make sure you do your best to have it looking great for the photos and that it is tidy forc Nashvilles’ best maids any viewings.

Do not forget the outside

Is the letterbox in need of repair? Are the gutters clean? Is the fence in good condition? Are there any pests or insects you need to deal with? We know that Townsville is dry but a green lawn always looks more attractive! And make sure you mow, sweep, rake, prune and have the gardens maintained. If your property is vacant your property manager will liaise with you about keeping these things up to date. And if you’re looking for a way to move all your things to a new property, make sure to check out nashville moving services.


You will need to let your insurance company know you are no longer living there and arrange landlords insurance. It is your tenants’ responsibility to arrange contents insurance. We are happy to provide information on our preferred landlord insurers. Visit Website


Think about whether any aspect of your property might not meet current regulations or safety guidelines. For example, this could include pool fences, stairs, railings, balconies, blinds and curtains, glass and windows, and if you really want to keep their pools clean the recommended robotic pool cleaner for above ground pools could be the best option for this. Does the property meet electrical standards? Landlords are also required to provide a compliancy on smoke detectors. We are happy to advise on what you may need to have done and we can organise smoke alarms on your behalf!

Naturally the whole rental process will be easier if you choose a good property manager or real estate agent like the real estate agents Eltham to do the negotiation for you, take away the headaches, and draw upon their expertise.