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An each way bet … The experts hedging on interest rates in 2014

With the Townsville Property market ticking along the talk of interest rate increases always creates a flurry in speculation.


With financial markets pricing in an increase interest rates in the next 12 months who’s right and who’s wrong?

The banter continues between some of Australia’s leading media, and in the next few months the “chatter” will  no doubt vibrate into the housing markets as the voices of those wanting … Read more »

The importance of pricing a home correctly

I drove past a house we sold in 2011 in  Croft Street Heatley which had recently re-sold and I thought I would check to see what it sold for.

I recalled it seeing it on the net for $339,000 negotiable. After getting getting back in the office this morning and seeing the result it confirmed what I see time and time again – houses selling well under initial asking price.

One theory I … Read more »

Steven Keen – "I will be wrong on house prices"

Some of you may recall the banter between Steven Keen and other economists about his prediction of a collapse in house prices.

In fact Keen become so passionate about it he backed his stance with a challenge that if he was wrong he would walk from Canberra to Mount Kosciusko.

This was highlighted in this article on 3 November 2009.
Economist Steve Keen loses housing bet against Rory Robertson

Keen has now … Read more »

Is the Townsville Real Estate market due for a "Boom"?

It was no surprise yesterday to see the RBA hold fire on a further interest rate cut, particularly in light of the strong Australian dollar.

Despite efforts to pull the dollar down against the greenback, it’s clear that ongoing stimulus by the US Federal reserve continues to thwart the RBA efforts to dampen the Australian dollar.

Not such good news for home buyers as they read this but given interest rates … Read more »